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B-Pump Tokyo Akihabara

With the intent of this website being a way for me to share my traveling and indoor rock climbing related experiences, I figured the inaugural rock climbing post should be about a place that embodies that very spirit the most to me at the time this article was published. That place is B-Pump in Akihabara Tokyo. The "B" in B-Pump indicates that it is a bouldering-only gym (my favorite kind). B-Pump Akihabara is one of many facilities of the Pump Climbing Gym & Shop chain. Speaking modestly, this is a very impressive facility! Pump's website states B-Pump Akihabara is "The Biggest Bouldering Gym in Japan with the finest pro-shop for any types of climbing". I have seen it and definitely believe it. Seriously, it was a pleasant surprise. The website does not indicate just how big this place is.

B-Pump Akihabara has 4 distinct floors of bouldering. The first floor is ground level with their greeting space, pro shop, locker rooms, bathrooms, and a single tall/narrow bouldering wall prominently displaying their namesake.

The second floor has additional bathrooms, a cave area, walls slightly shorter than the previous floor, and a very small center island (with more problems on it).

The third floor has a very large center island along with an abundance of textured and sculpted walls that are again shorter than the previous floor.

The fourth floor has an open layout with the climbing walls only on the perimeter (again slightly shorter walls than the previous floor), but the surprise here is that half of the space consists of a rooftop open air slab.

While I was there I only had enough time to try the third floor which by itself is larger than some gym bouldering sections.

B-Pump Akihabara was a CASH ONLY facility when I went. Due to my strong bias toward putting ALL my charges on my credit cards and this being my first day in Japan, I was not at all prepared to pay in yen (¥). Having no 円 at the time, the staff directed me to a convenience store across the street where I could make a withdrawal. I didn't get to start climbing until later in the night (23:00 or 11:00 pm). I cannot remember the amount I paid for admission, but I believe I paid a reduced rate due to arriving shortly before it closed. The staff and patrons were polite as one would expect from rock climbers and the people living in Japan. Proper climber etiquette was on full display, as each person waited for their turn in a very loose and informal line that was surprisingly accurate based on when people entered the area. The ratings of the few problems I got to try seemed fairly consistent and didn't feel off basis. It was clean and I did not notice any offensive odors (strong cleaning agents or anything from the other end of the spectrum).

With all of that said, I have no intention of rating this gym (I don't have a standard rating system in place to do so if I wanted to anyway, yet). This is a not an in-depth look at all the things this gym can offer you. I did however want to share my experience with you all. I thoroughly enjoyed my brief visit to B-Pump in Akihabara Tokyo and as I mentioned before, it was a great experience in all aspects. Experience being the best teacher, I suggest you give B-Pump in Akihabara Tokyo a try. If you plan to check out this gym or if you have already been to B-Pump in Akihabara Tokyo and want to add your view; please feel free to leave a question or comment below.

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1 Comment

Dec 17, 2018

Very cool looking gym. Guess it was good you got to go when it was closing, perhaps not as busy around that time. The location of the gym seems ideal, looks like it's close to apts, businesses and transportation. Thanks for sharing!

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