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Optimizing Food and Travel with Fox-like Cunning and some indoor rock climbing

Welcome to GreytFox Guides, where my experiences are shared to optimize your food and traveling experiences.

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The Circuit Bouldering Gym Northeast

There's a lot of weird things in Portland, however the rock climbing scene is definitely not one of them. As of my visit in April 2018...

Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy in Japan

Being disconnected from the world is for hardcore mountain men (mountain women, or any other type of mountain individual you may identify...

B-Pump Tokyo Akihabara

With the intent of this website being a way for me to share my traveling and indoor rock climbing related experiences, I figured the...

Learn Languages Free with Duolingo

Traveling is cool. Traveling while being respectful and immersing yourself into the local cultures is even cooler. One way to engage with...


Hello world. Though I am not a programmer (anymore, or yet for that matter) it is a simple and relevant introductory sentence. In the...



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