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Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy in Japan

Being disconnected from the world is for hardcore mountain men (mountain women, or any other type of mountain individual you may identify as). For the rest of us, being connected is vital for reasons as serious as safety communication to more trivial matters such as letting the world know how the sandwich you are eating right now is far superior to any other sandwich in history. Before my trip to Japan in August 2018, I did some research to find how to go about maintaining a strong, cost effective internet connection and determined The Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy would be best suited for my group.

Six of my friends and I visited Japan (four guys and three girls). Since we would all have to pay for international data plans individually (such as $10/day with AT&T), we looked to see if there were any benefits in sharing a mobile hotspot as a group. We all planned to arrive and leave Japan the same days so we figured we would have no issues with staying together. We also decided that we would need at least two mobile hotspots for redundancy in case one device was lost, broken, or stolen. Lastly, we wanted to have the option to break into smaller groups without losing contact with each other.

After searching through many providers, we settled on getting two of the Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy units because they had unlimited 4G LTE data, supported 10 connected devices per unit, had a great network coverage area, were conveniently shippable to the airport, had great reviews and came out to only $154.26 total (2 units for ten days). For one unit it would have been $77.13 (for ten days). By comparison we were able to save $77.96 per person by using Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy instead of using an international data plan.

Selecting the Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy became a very easy decision compared to almost every other service which had up/down traffic speed caps after reaching certain thresholds, caps on prepaid usage and did not support nearly as many devices simultaneously. We picked up the units from the post office in the Narita Airport. We traveled to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yamazaki and Hakone. Throughout our trip the Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy performed as advertised, so my friends and I were very pleased with the service.

The Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy came in a high visibility pouch, had a prepaid drop-off envelop, extra cables and a power brick. The Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy unit was about the size of an iPhone but twice as thick. There were many times I just carried the Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy in my pocket instead of bringing the accessories and it did not feel out of place at all. When we were done with the units, we put them in their envelops and dropped them off in a mailbox.

To all who are visiting Japan in a group or if your trip will be more than a few days I highly recommend you try this product. It saved us a lot of money and we got to use a premium product. Perhaps it could satiate your desire to post pictures of your sandwiches as well. Experience being the best teacher, I suggest you give the Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy a try. If you rent this service through this promotional link, you will be able to support my efforts. If you happen to try the Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy through my link or if you have already tried the Diamond Pocket Wifi Buddy and want to add your view; please feel free to leave a question or comment below letting me know what you think of it!

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Dec 27, 2018

@josh, that is the experience I had. It was 4G LTE speeds in fact.


Dec 26, 2018

Thanks for sharing GreytFox! I watched their Youtube "How it works" clip that also shows it's super fast speed. Is that the experience you had?

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